Best Cricket Games For Android/iOS in 2021

Hello, cricket lovers like you, I grew up playing cricket with my friends and family members and as much as I missed that time I can’t go back to playing cricket for various reasons not relevant to this article however no one can stop me from playing cricket games on my smartphone and over the course of the past year I’ve discovered plenty of awesome cricket games in this Arti. 

List of Top Cricket Games for Smartphones:

let’s take a look at five of the best-crooked games that you can download right now for both Android and iOS.

1.  Next waves World Championship cricket – or WCC

it’s a cricket game that has been available for quite some time and over the years with every update, the game keeps getting better for those who don’t know the game offers 18 different international teams, 10 domestic teams, 42 different stadiums along with more than 11 tournaments including World.

2. WCC2

3. Cup World t20

Cup blitz tournament ODI series Test series etc as for the gameplay there are many different batting shorts lots of neat animations confidence meter for bowling etc in my opinion

This is the best all-around cricket game that you can enjoy on your smartphone. its only major flaw is annoying ads but by purchasing a monthly ad-free pass from the games store section worth 65 rupees on Android and 89 rupees on iOS you can get rid of all the ads robot cricket isn’t for those who want a real.

4.  cricket game

Its USP is fantastic. AI rival and an addictive game played loop the difference here is that in this game your sole objective is to just score runs no tournaments no teams and your only opponent is a robot you get three lights in all and without losing them you need to score as much as you can the gameplay is pretty easy with one tap controls for hitting shots there are no stumps for the first two overs.

It also has annoying ads but you can get rid of them by paying a one-time fee of 30 rupees on Android and 249 rupees on iOS one more run is a cricket game. where you don’t bat bowl or field sounds crazy right I know even I thought so at first so what do you do in this game the answer is in the game’s name all you do is run between the wickets to score the game is very simple and very addictive.

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5. cricket 19

This is a realistic cricket game that features pre-match presentations a decision review system or DRS and immersive gameplay you get to choose between different international and domestic teams there are lots of different types of matches stadiums tournaments and more.

I play a lot of cricket games but real cricket 19 is something that I keep coming back to real cricket 19 is also has annoying and to get rid of these ads you’ll have to shell out hundred rupees weekly on both Android and iOS which by the way will also unlock all tournaments for you along with two and five overpacks thick.

6. Cricut

This Game life allows you to play against real players from around the world in a head-to-head 3 overs multiplayer cricket match the visuals are nice and the animations are smooth as for the gameplay you get to play a wide variety of shots you also get to unlock bowlers and upgrade them for their skills.

There are a lot of layers to the game which means it will appeal to serious gamers there are a couple more cricket games that I want to highlight now these are not as good as our top picks but they are still worth playing for reasons.

7. big Bash Cricket

I will highlight now big bash cricket used to be a fun free-to-play game developed by Australia based big ant studios and it had no ads it’s been replaced by Big Bash League which is now the official mobile game for Australia’s domestic t20 competition its gameplay is similar to WCC – since the developers are the same and it has the official licenses for all bbl teams and players just like WCC.

This game also has lots of ads which you can remove by paying a one-time fee of 300 rupees cricket through the ages is not really a cricket game it has a funny storyline where cricket saves humankind from extinction and each match is a duel between two players where you can hurl sticks stones or even bones at the opponent the last one standing wins it’s not for you if you are looking for proper cricketing action.

So, this is all about the Best Cricket Game for Android and iOS in India 2021. if you like this article. Please Let Us Know in Comment Section. Thank You.

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