NoahFromYoutube COD Mobile settings


NoahFromYoutube may be a ordinary YouTuber who love to plays multiple first-person in all the platforms. He prefers playing COD Mobile on his Apple iPad device. Noah is famous for his cod mobile videos on his Youtube Channel NoahFromYoutube. He has about 551K subscribers on his main YouTube Channel.

Noah prefer to use Heavy weapons within the game, to became a threat for his enemy in Call Of Duty Mobile Game.

NoahFromYoutube COD Mobile settings iPad


Noah uses the latest Apple Ipad to play Call of Duty: Mobile.

Noah sensitivity settings for Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer

The camera sensitivities used by Noah are as follows:

Standard sensitivity: 58

ADS sensitivity: 160

Tactic scope sensitivity: 124

Sniper scope sensitivity: 83

The firing sensitivities used by Noah are as follows:

Standard sensitivity: 75ADS

sensitivity: 88

Tactic scope sensitivity: 120

Sniper scope sensitivity: 80

Also NOAH prefers using the Advanced Mode for playing cod mobile games.

Noahfromyoutube codmobile settings

I hope you liked the gameplay settings of the famous cod mobile youtuber NoahFromYoutube. if you’ve any queries regarding Noah ‘s Gameplay Settings then feel free to comment below.


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