Top 5 Richest Bgmi players in india – 2022

Top 5 Richest Bgmi players in india
Top 5 Richest Bgmi players in india

Top 5 Richest Bgmi players in india – 2022

Do you know how much money can earn an esports player per month, you will be surprised to know that an esports player can earn more money than a doctor or engineer, in this blog I’ll tell you About the top 5 richest BGMI streamers and their earnings.

An Esports player or YouTube streamer has many sources of earnings such as: Tournaments Prize , Youtube Adsense, Live Streaming, Paid Promotion, Ads and more.

Indian Esports player earns more than 1 Million in a month, in this blog you will get complete information about richest bgmi players in india and highest paid bgmi players in india.

Top 5 Richest Bgmi players in india – 2022

5 Harmandeep Singh (Mavi)

Mavi Bgmi
Mavi Bgmi

Harmandeep Singh Aka Mavi, is born in Punjab and he started his YouTube channel on 23 March 2014 and today he has more than 1.1 million subscribers on his channel. Mavi is famous for Battlegrounds mobile india (BGMI) and he is one of the richest bgmi players in India.

Mavi has won $35,115 ( 26 Lakh INR ) as prizes money from Esports Tournaments and also earns more than 3 Lakhs every month by doing live streamers on his YouTube channel.

Mavi Income and Net-Worth 2022

1Monthly3 Lakh+
2Yearly36 lakh+
3Net-Worth1 Crore+

4 Jonathan Amaral (Jonathan Gaming)

Jonathan Gaming
Jonathan Gaming

Jonathan started his YouTube channel Jonathan Gaming on 25 Feb 2018 and today he has more than 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel he is a the best bgmi player. Jonathan is one of the top Bgmi/Pubg players in India.

He has won $8,401.93 (6 lakh+ INR) prize money by playing Esports Tournaments, apart from this, Jonathan also earns more than 6 lakhs every month from his YouTube channel.

Jonathan’s Networth is more than 1 Crore INR, so Jonathan is on the Fourth number in the list of Top 5 Richest BGMI Player in India.

Jonathan Gaming income and Net-Worth 2022

1Monthly6-8 lakh
2Yearly80-90 lakh
3Net-Worth1-2 Crore

3 Tanmay Singh ( Scout Op )

Scout Op
Scout Op

Scout’s real name is Tanmay Singh, he started his YouTube channel on 26 Aug 2018 and today he is very popular gamer in india. He has more than 4 million subscribers on YouTube and 3 million followers on Instagram.

Scout earned $ 34,078, by Esports which worth is more than 25 lakh Indian rupees Rupees. Apart from this, Scout also earns money from his YouTube channel. He earns more than 8 lakh rupees every month from his YouTube channel.
Scout’s net worth in 2021  is more than 3 Crore and He is 25 years old.

Scout Income and Net-worth 2022

1Monthly8.9+ lakh
2Yearly97 lakh+
3Networth3.3 Crore+

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2 Naman Mathur ( Soul Mortal )

Soul Mortal
Soul Mortal

Naman Mathur is the leader of the team soul, as well as he is the top Bgmi player of India and he is also very popular esports player in the world, he has 6.8 million Subscribers on YouTube, along with this Naman Mathur’s YouTube channel is one of the Most Subscribed Gaming YouTuber channel.

Naman Mathur has won many Esports Tournaments, whose prize was 1 crore INR, along with this Mortal earns 10-12 lakh rupees every month from his YouTube channel, with this Mortal’s net worth is more than 5 crores.

Mortal is one of the richest gaming youtubers in India and also Most Subscribed Gaming YouTubers in India.

Mortal income and Net-Worth 2022

2Yearly1 Crore
3Networth5 Crore

1 Aadii Sawant (Dynamo Gaming)

Dynamo Gaming
Dynamo Gaming

Aadi Sawant is India’s richest bgmi player and gaming YouTuber, his YouTube channel Dynamo Gaming is the second most subscribed gaming Youtube channel of India.

he has more than 9.9 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel (Dynamo Gaming) his  Youtube channel is the second Most Subscribed YouTube channel in the gaming category, dynamo earns 12–16 lakh rupees every month from its YouTube channel and in 2021 his net worth  is more than 11 crore.

Dynamo Gaming Income and Net-Worth 2022

1Monthly12-16 Lakh
2Yearly1-1.5 Crore
3Networth11 Crore

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